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Reportedly, Wolfson has the best weights facility of all of the Oxford colleges.


2 stationary bikes and 2 step machines.

The free-weight facilities include a squat rack, a bench, a leg press, and a variety of free weights.

In a nutshell, the weights room has everything you need for a full-body workout and costs nothing more than an annual Weights Room Permit.

Accessing the Gym

The Weights Room can be found on the lower ground floor of the C block, on the southern side of Tree Quad.

As indicated in the previous section, you will need a Weights Room Permit to use the gym. You can only apply for one of these after you have attended a short induction course. These are held approximately once a term.

If there isn't someone already down there, you will need to sign the weights room key from the Lodge, after first handing in your Weights Room permit. If you leave while the room is still in use, you will need to exchange someone's permit for the key, so you can get your own permit back from the Lodge.


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